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Thread: Is Carrying a Knife for Self-Defense, Illegal or Legal?

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    Is Carrying a Knife for Self-Defense, Illegal or Legal?

    Okay, I've done lots of research online - and still can't get a cut, clear and "sharp" answer. Can you carry a knife for the sole purposes of using it, obviously as a last resort in a life-threatening situation (and not getting into knife fights)?

    I've read on my research, that many state legislatures will see that as you wanting to premeditatedly kill somebody.

    In my state, Indiana, it's legal to carry concealed or open, anything that's not a ninja star or ballistic, we don't have preemption laws either. I'm still trying to find out, that even if my USMC Ka-Bar or Ontario SP-1 is legal to carry on both state and local levels, if self-defense and self-protection would be an accepted answer if ever questioned by a police officer.

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    It pretty much depends on what state/country you're living in. And it might also depend on what kind of knife you're carrying.

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    in my state [nsw aust] carrying a knife in schools, on transport, etc, is illegal,
    other than for obvious reasons, such as tradesmen etc..
    obviously chefs etc, will be carrying knives generally, but as others must
    have them enclosed such as a knife box, in transit etc..
    people at a takeaway will be using plastic knives, and suchlike..
    in the country people are likely to be carrying knives or guns
    which would not be tolerated in the city.. reason and context..

    we have very strict gun control laws as well..
    and relative low gun death rates..

    self defense is not a valid excuse to carry either,
    unless law enforcement, military, security etc..

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