member feedback i regular banning of new members;
if anyone is interested or noticed this, as a non commercial
site we are regularly targeted by spammers including
signature spamming, whereby signatures link to
commercial products, paid services and suchlike..

easily the most common and predictable sig spam
is for a conman known to rip people off selling
dodgy hot tubs [and so on]..
new members can be tracked on anti spamming sites,
with names or ip etc.. typically they post mulitiple
posts usually within a minute of each other, here
and on other websites..

as mod i sought advice of administrator some time ago
as to responding to spam attacks, who advised to
ban.. occasionally something martial arts related
will be allowed to go to see if it generates member
responses, but if not removed, poster banned..

anyway, what used to be the occasional promo
has become an epidemic of sorts, with regular
new 'members' posting signature spam incl
fake visitor messages carrying spam..

so if your a genuine member noticing
regular new member banning, this is
feedback as to why that is so..

members are welcome to give feedback etc,
but spammers and other parasitic abusers
of this site will be banned, and reported to
'stopforumspam' [an anti-spam resource site]