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Thread: Warming up & training program music

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    Warming up & training program music


    I 've been trained to kickboxing a little bit. Had some classes of wing chan kung fun in the past which i consider much more advanced even though not so effective. Anyhow, every training has the warming up procedure. I use this mix for training 80 minutes. If anyone has a good mix for training please post below. Thank you.

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    for me silence with the rhythm of heartbeat
    is the only music you need in training..

    for stretching, resting and slow movements
    gentle soft music is preferable,, given your heart
    and brain responses are influenced by repetitive
    sound or 'music'.. stretching and warm ups
    should begin slowly, carefully, with full attention..

    that fast music with voices garbled or such that
    only an occasional 'f' word is stressed, must be
    a distraction for and from focused mind..

    traditionally a drum beat has been used
    or a count or repeated word/s to time
    training, according to specific rhythms
    and increasing or reducing speeds
    as appropriate for flow of techniques..

    for meditation - an element of traditional ma -
    and related resting and soft movements etc
    non-distracting gentle music can be nice,
    masking other general sounds to allow
    brain and mind to release into rest..

    [as mod here; note the 'f' word in that tape
    is inappropriate for this forums language
    restrictions.. depending on member responses
    if any, it stays up, for the moment, as part of
    a topic of potential interest]

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    thank you for your comment, i appreciate but people need to work out and to do so they need music

    please post any good mix suitable for training

    i use out this one lately, 80 mins

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    that wasnt just a comment, but a response
    as moderator of this site to inappropriate
    use of offensive language, according to
    membership restrictions all members
    agree to as part of membership..

    as to; 'people need music to workout',
    thats your opinion, which for starters
    precludes all hearing impaired people..

    its also a false assumption, as 'people'
    have been training in martial arts
    for thousands of years, without music..

    to a question 'what is movement to music?'
    most if not all would answer 'dancing'..

    im not against anyone training to music,
    in principle.. the plain fact of the matter is
    that 'people' dont, need, music for training
    in martial arts..

    external beats can or may be helpful
    in certain training, when specific to
    the individual, at that time..

    doesnt mean random music
    is therefore essential to train..
    students should be open to
    any potential training aide,,
    but must make decisions based on
    their own immediate realities,,
    not on any inet claims as to
    necessities, for their, training..

    for those who train with earplugs
    or on mountain tops or other
    quiet places, this is just
    more noise...

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    Well after reading the above posts i felt like the person wrote them has a big heart.. Thanks for explaining and yes you are right. I am referring to "external beats can or may be helpful in certain training" that was my exact purpose.

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    notice youve posted the same two music videos
    on other martial arts sites, with the same intro
    on your 'trained to kickboxing a little bit' etc..

    thing is, some people might, benefit from music
    in weight loss or basic fitness workout classes
    for fat folk and/or out of condition people..
    a sort of artificial rhythm for motivation etc..

    this is a different context to real martial artists
    and genuine martial arts training..
    same for moving about together with music
    compared to genuine dancers or dancing..

    anyone, attempting to develop fitness/lose fat
    or anyone who enjoys moving around to music
    are at least doing something, enjoying something..
    which is not the context here, on a martial arts site..

    martial artists have long trained on beaches, rocky shorelines,
    near rivers, near or under waterfalls, and up mountains..
    today, we understand that these environments create
    negative ion charged air,, which easily enters the bloodstream
    thus brain, eliciting serotonin secretion, thus natural mood,
    helping prevent effects of acute stress and physical stress,,
    increasing oxygen flow to the brain [etc]..

    todays sports physiologists understand training up mountains
    as 'altitude training' which enhances lung capacity etc..

    ie, there are actual real benefits from traditional training..
    many other now recognised realities within long traditions
    of martial arts training and related meditation etc..

    weight loss or basic fitness classes or moving around
    to music 'dancing' or even real yoga flow classes,
    are simply not martial arts, not even close..

    thus may i put it to any serious martial artist here
    that unless you really know what youre doing,
    leave music to 'dance to' etc, for doing that,,
    and if in doubt, consult your sensei or sifu
    as to such things within real ma training..

    [ps. yoga flow classes are excellent for anyone,,
    using soft gently flowing non-intrusive music]

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    I'm not a big fan of "dance" music, but I find myself most pumped up while listening to some epic Viking music. My favourite is:

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