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Thread: strike training dummies

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    strike training dummies

    [a post on this subject by void-man was deleted including
    russian text and non-english language links, contrary to
    this english language sites language restrictions..
    the subject has been raised before but may be of interest
    to members, thus the post text without links,
    plus a similar english language link;

    void_man - 'there are different options on how to
    measure the force of impact. some believe it is a fiction.
    many different interpretations can be found on the net.
    tyson impact force of 3 tons! shot power tyson 800kg.

    who believe what these simulators worth, or all nonsense.'

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    striking training has long been fundamental to traditional
    karate/martial arts, from basic conditioning of hands, feet,
    finger, toes, elbows, knees etc, thru grasping weighted objects
    thrusting into sand/pebbles, and slapping or striking hard objects..

    technique may be enhanced by striking the black dot
    in the center of a candle flame [as a zero impact practice]
    and basics such as pushups and handstands on palms or knuckles..
    makiwara striking posts either solid or with some flex have been
    part of traditional karate/chines ma long before karate was known
    in japan or elsewhere.. implements and practices bychinese and
    okinawan m-artists were based on pragmatic understandings of
    realities of genuine self defense or combat..
    ie, they were/are used because they have real effects,
    when part of a long term progressive training regime..
    this results in for one thing, remineralisation of bone
    over time, making bone thicker/harder./stronger..

    it must be stressed that this is a long term process
    developed gradually by regular ongoing repetitions
    of the various techniques and related practices..
    [novices etc should not,, strike hard objects with power]

    links for interest of one basic form of striking objects
    higaonna sensei okinawa goju karate 10th dan showing
    a few hand and forearm strikes to hard objects..

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    It is interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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