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Thread: Street safe tactics

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    Street safe tactics

    In todays society the marketing push is zoned in on fast and easy. Here in the west and as well as many other regions, Martial Art is business. As such, it is structured as a business. It has been manipulated by owners rather than enriched by instructors. Marketed as day care centers for kids, and a fitness alternative for adults. So while there may in fact be valid technique floating about these facilities, it falls on us to create a catalyst to deliver these techniques. In my opinion this means gaining an understanding of violence on a scientific level, stress responses and how the can be conditioned, physiological aspects, emotional aspects, and a myriad of other things. Beyond that, this information then must be adapted to your body type, physical and mental strengths, spirituality, and morality.

    What are some of your opinions on this topic? Do you see the import of this as I do? Please share your thoughts!

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    I really love to read such a nice article. Thanks!Keep rocking.

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    Absolutely agree with you. Can you estimate my works here?

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