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Thread: App for measuring the speed of punch and the reaction time

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    App for measuring the speed of punch and the reaction time

    Fast punches - it is an important quality in the martial arts, from the speed depends on the force of impact. This app gives you the most accurate information based on scientific data about your fast. With this application, you can increase the effectiveness of your training - train and check their progress in speed and reaction. Download here

    To perform the test by measuring the velocity of impact and reactions you must:

    1. Hold the phone upright in your hand.

    2. Press the "Start!".

    3. In the audio signal, as soon as possible to hit. Beat can be either: direct, side, uppercut.

    4. As a result of the test, you will learn:

    - Maximum acceleration fist;

    - Speed punch;

    - Time of simple motor reaction.

    A simple motor reaction - a reaction to a known traffic known in advance (appearing suddenly) signal (auditory, visual, tactile). In this case, a sound signal.

    The trigger signal test sounds at random intervals, which complicates the test and makes it more reliable. See here

    Good luck in your martial art!

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    I'd not recommend this app to anyone - I broke my phone while throwing a punch... Or at least make sure have a leash or something to hold the phone just in case it slips out of your palm

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