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Thread: Martial Artists Cheerleaders In Disguise?

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    Talking Martial Artists Cheerleaders In Disguise?

    Have a look at this article. Hope you find it interesting!

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    to equate martial art and martial art history
    with cheerleaders and cheerleading
    is so ridiculous to anyone with any genuine
    understanding of martial arts as to make it
    a contrived attention seeking device
    for that show promo..

    while some elements of real martial arts
    have been used to create 'martial sports'
    and 'martial fitness' for kids and others
    better suited for cheerleading practice,
    the fact remains that real martial art
    history extends way further back than
    'the late 1800's' and 'usa 1920's'
    quoted as 'striking similarities'
    between cheerleading and martial art..

    still, if you or any other member wish to
    continue the folly of this silly idea,
    so long as it doesnt break forum rules
    incl, any commercial promotion or
    brand name, then go for it...

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    In fairness, most nunchaku practitioners I've seen don't posses any actual weapon skills whatsoever so they might as well be twirling batons.

    There is martial art and there is performance art. Sometimes those engaged in the latter think they are engaged in the former.

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    Interesting article but it's a bit unfair to call them cheerleaders lol.
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