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Thread: Video of tkd competition :)

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    Thumbs up Video of tkd competition :)

    Enjoy, like, comment video and subscribe if you want:

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    of course this is a sporting contest
    but what stood out for me was
    complete absence of striking,,
    with arms hanging loose like
    floppy dolls, not actively defending
    or counterattacking or striking..

    one could make this observation about
    judo, for example, which of course
    does not negate the benefits of judo..

    judo waza can be used within small spaces
    and at close contact, which is where most
    attacks begin.. in karate from which tkd
    derives, all those high kicks from kicking
    range are entry points for close contact,
    and for takedowns and counter attacks
    to the vulnerable standing leg..

    our reflexive defense responses
    must be conditioned by how we train
    and what we do repeatedly..

    aside from the few kicking techniques
    demonstrated on the video, this absence
    of other martial arts responses such as
    blocking, sweeping, taking down, throwing
    or any, techniques using arms, elbows,
    fists or hands is what stood out for me..

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    I've seen it. Good job. Really

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