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Thread: Undectectible weapons there real

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    I carry my weapons wherever I go, they're called my fists.
    Ain't nothing sweeter than driving your fist through a d-bag's face.

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    sorry didn't get back to you another good point not all metal people handle weapons some those people can't live on outside or some sadly misunderstanding what type of illness they have yes there madmen out there that true but terrorist make up 99.9 so called madmen yes there real bad mothers we have training harder training in every weapon we get hold of no shameful have them I am say you shouldn't care all time law have to be obey there chances you might need one hinder keep your thoughts low profile only use them time is right so call madmen all so boy next door or girl next door Undetectable weapons in my escape and evasion kit not bad to have it like E.D.C kit

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    yes fist is weapon there law govern that too keep between me and you if you got to use them make Shure person is a live after you fight them that can come back on you I just got in fight yesterday futoken fist him behind the ear that could turn to be nightmare some could die or both I am not pound of fighting some time there no chose just like weapon sometime can be bad or good thing the right time to use them win or loes walk with head up high no one can make you feel low just don't become a bully

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    traditional ninjutsu you be hidden or unseen no matter yes a mad man can dangerous they make mistake like any one else it funny surely one get caught by polices

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    we live in world that sicko and creeps can get hold of gun faster then fist but that is just the fact in world of sleeper cell we all have watch our backs training for everything that might come our way even weapon we not like or think can't do any to others we can't be sure when ISIS attack again but our weapon and mind set and body be on right level to our stealth escape and evade perfect or self even if have no chose too every minute of the day some is be killed or robbed and cops can't to them in time or would be terrorist put a bomb in school or shoot up people in plaza some where in world this reality we can't for get

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    while we cant ignore, reality, such as violence etc,
    the greater risk to our personal being is paranoia
    or any exaggerated concern for terrorist attacks
    on our person.. despite the facts of terrorism..

    nutcases shooting up schools is also not reason for
    giving up education and learning as part of the core
    of our identity as human beings..
    school is only one element of human learning,
    important of course, but only the start..

    if in a war zone as a combatant one would/should
    be fully prepared for and expect ongoing attacks,
    but in daily life our serenity and calm is most
    important, to allow our minds and natural
    personality to blossom..

    for martial artists and related others
    there is and will be a certain readiness
    based on regular ongoing training,
    learning and practice of martial arts..

    in my art - okinawa gojuryu karatedo
    there is the go - the hard, and the ju - the soft..
    this applies to all waza or technique but also
    to our general state as human beings,,
    go and ju do not, cancel each other out..
    rather the compliment each other
    within the same realites..

    for our nature, the ju is gentleness..
    kindness.. goodwill and understanding..
    inability to show empathy or ccompassion
    for others is one element of psychopathy..

    in traditional martial arts there is of course
    potential for causing serious damage to
    an attacker,, and yet there is also potential
    for causing less damage, including control
    without causing any real damage..

    this is the option we should consider
    unless impossible [multiple attackers, weapons etc]
    rather than living with an inner intention to kill
    or maim anyone who gets in our way..

    martial arts are based on self defense..
    which means defending against anything
    damaging to us,, including old age,,
    or damage to our personality
    or potential for humanity..

    if you carry around an ak47 then you will also
    have within you many thoughts and intentions
    to use it.. to kill others..
    if a blade the intention to cut..

    this is the dilemma for martial artists..
    requiring specific training in the ju aspect..
    we dont want to destroy our own potential
    as part of defending ourselves or the weak..

    just a thought to add to the mixture of
    which blade or weapon, to use on others...

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    beautiful poem

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    huh catlhy

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    blacksword - 'cathy' is a florida man john
    posted twice here in the same minute..
    with one hit on 'stopforumspam'..
    'cathy' is almost certainly a spammer
    posting a few times before spam..

    this forum is a target for spammers..
    new members banned before posting
    will be signature spammers..

    as in life generally there are

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