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Thread: Undectectible weapons there real

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    hum thank for head up I haven't be here for an while and post stil going strong

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    wow i am back to day i been training this i pop on here all time i trained hard this pass year i am doing catch up lot my post this how hard bee training i still lot Undetectable weapons there part my survival gear set up and yes survival gear set up why you may ask will there still to have and they still degut a fish an weapon and quick dish weapon as fast defends weapon i will make survival spear one show on video one day
    this 2018 good but good year or bad time will tell

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    essence of hidden weapons is the tool-weapon..
    specific tools used in labour and trades can be
    effective weapons.. think of a skilled butcher
    with his boning knife,, or a carpenter with
    his hammer,, or any of the ancient tools
    which became weapons by necessity..

    today martial artists still practice and train
    use of bo [staff] tonfa [handles for grinding stones]
    sai [aide in placing young rice] and so on..

    on okinawa weapons were forbidden by invading japanese,
    thus people used and developed day to day tools as weapons..
    [today in my society carrying knives is forbidden generally,
    but, a chef for example may use and carry knives]
    many techniques of traditional okinawa karate
    are based on or use traditional tools as part of
    and additional skills training for open hand arts..

    ie, not using weapons,, but using tools as weapons
    of self defense,, which can extend with training
    to just about anything in common use..
    a pen for example can penetrate arteries etc,
    or a cord can choke or restrain an attacker..
    just a common broom handle can be used
    as a bo [staff] by anyone skilled in bo..

    the skilled traditional karateka has hands
    conditioned by specific training together with
    understanding of how they may be used
    to control joints, including neck, fingers etc,
    or how to penetrate vulnerable areas, eyes,
    nerve plexus, testicles, and so on..

    and yet he or she is carrying no weapon..
    or so it appears..
    just another take on the idea of 'hidden'..

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    Not too sure if its covered, but dont most airports and customs places have body/baggage scanners? They dont just use meer metal detectors anymore. Somone who knows more will have to fill in.

    If it constitutes a necro, sorry

    Plus i think you can have a blade in your luggage etc so long as its declared and a legal blade for both countries. (not carry on luggage)

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    australian airports do random body scans, random explosives tests, carry-on baggage screens, etc.. lists of prohibited items are comprehensive.. virtually anything that
    might be used to threaten or injure a person is prohibited..
    link to page listing items etc, entry to other security etc..


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    will been doing lot test on this Undetectable weapons and be threw metal detector with on me been body check went threw out no problems simple pen can be just deadly just long you not act like a crazy or metal ill i am not tell people to do this plus when go some where usely ride an bus in some case that do bag and body check that sometime rear

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