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Thread: A Warriors Journey -Martial Arts Project-

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    A Warriors Journey -Martial Arts Project-


    my name is Christoph and I would like to introduce my new project "A Warriors Journey" to you.

    It is about a unique journey to explore lost and unknown martial arts of the world.

    All the stories will be published on a blog. The content of the blog will be about individual travelling, the exploration of the different martial arts and articles regarding self-motivation.
    The special thing about this journey is that it will take place over country, that means that flight connections will not be used to achieve the best impression of the countries and the related cultures.

    You can visit the blog "A Warriors Journey" at

    I would be pleased if you follow me on my journey. Perhaps you have some recommendations regarding gyms, or special places along the travel route. In this case you can contact me at

    If you like my plan it would be very kind if like my Facebook-Site at

    See you,


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    this is a non-commercial martial arts forum..
    whatever your journey may entail
    commercial content, here, is spam..

    just something to bear in mind
    when posting here..

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    Hello, I've seen you blog. Not bad

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