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Thread: Fundamentals 101

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    Fundamentals 101

    Hey Everyone,
    Im brand new to this site, Im looking for help. Im not sure if there are other posts like this-
    -if there are I apologize.

    I am interested in martial arts in general, my knowledge is limited only to street fighting.
    Many styles interest me, but to be honest, I cant afford any type of professional instruction nor do I have time to attend a class regularly.

    I was hoping for anyone with a broad knowledge of all the martial arts, to possibly give me 'homework' so to speak and guide me in the right path. Exercises, Work Out Routines, anything I could practice on my own time with my own body weight would help me out. Anything that can improve my skill (or lack thereof) and give me a head start for the time when I eventually am able to attend a professional class.

    Im sure its almost impossible to instruct someone on form or many other aspects of martial arts online, but I am very smart and I learn quick and I think I can learn alot just by this forums knowledge at large.

    Im not looking for a single persons help, perhaps all of your help. Maybe all I need is for you to point me in the direction of a few threads on this site. But anything you can think of that would be beneficial for me to learn or practice, I would look forward to hearing.

    Thanks for your time!

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    welcome sourdiesel - good questions, many potential responses, depends what you actually want or think you want, now..
    many begin training and learning of various fighting or self defense skills suites based on some past experiences thus current
    desires which, generally, lead them towards some specific martial arts outlet,, such as a gym or dojo or whatever..
    from such beginnings and given the failures, folk tend to stay with whateveritis for some time until some understanding
    and skill develops,, ie, a platform from which they may see more clearly what they truely seek..

    some continue on that path, immersing themselves in their original art,, some continue yet also branch out into other
    related or complimentary fields,, especially given todays tendency for losing original skills from traditional ma
    as influences such as sports based motives and [as you mentioned] inability to expend time into the arts
    by many people today.. you could write a library on all this preamble to martial arts training in general today..

    but ok, you have no time,, first look at your expenditure of precious life moments, work out what moments are
    truely necessary for you life expectations - and what are not so necessary - and act decisively on what you see..

    generally, as a rough guide here, you could start out by divesting yourself of obviously wasted life moments,
    such as the obvious blight and drain on many peoples time today, television.. stop watching television..
    other than specifics reolated to what you truely see as relevant to your progress in life, avoid internet..
    here are just two examples of inactivities, where people just sit doing,, nothing,, burning up
    and wasting preciious life moments.. this is perhaps the easiest and most productive non-action
    you can take right now.. it costs you nothing,, removes an anti fitness anti posture anti movement
    waste of time from your life, which for many people amounts to many hours per day [!]
    these many hours could be spent productively in countless fruitful activities...

    even in basic pushups, squats, situps, active and passive stretching, and so on, as you mention,
    it is necessary to have some guidance from someone capable of adjusting whatever misalignments
    you already have as habits of movement, leading to easier, better, more effective movements..
    but still nevertheless you can with normal rational considerations do your own pushups,
    situps, squats, body twisting, various stretching and so on, with whatever youve got now,
    even using such free advice as good fitness books available from libraries and so on...

    the point here mate is to get started...

    sitting here now, as one example, all my toes are flexed and trying to pull my feet over the floor..
    [unless necessary for specific work related purposes etc, stop wearing shoes - theres an easy hint]
    even just sitting typing i am continuously adjusting and flexing my core muscles and back muscles
    as a sort of combo of light strengthening and stretching of these muscles.. include neck etc etc..
    anyone can do these things.. even sitting at a keyboard..

    if you frequent buildings, stop using elevators and use the steps instead.. free good exercise..
    whatever you do with your arms and legs in daily life, even holding a cup, use both hands..
    [ie, use daily activities to train your ambidexterity,, an important aspect of martial arts/fighting]

    gotta go mate [off to an hour and a half genuine yoga session] and have used up my sitting time..
    but finally, every elite athlete and truely sane person will attempt to maximise their diet..
    stop eating fatty mass produced food.. simple as that..
    stop smoking if you are a nicotie addict.. simple as that..
    get a good nights sleep every night.. simple as that..

    even given the time restraints you feel prevent you from attending a gym or dojo etc,
    you can still walk out the door, walk for ten minutes turn around and walk back home..
    thats an easy and minimum basic movement requirement for every day..
    add stretching before you leave,, stop now and then for a couple of pushups
    and squats, situps etc etc.. take in whatever people advise you based on
    their own experiences etc,, but if your serious, get up right now
    and do a few pushups, situps and squats...

    ie, alert your brain that you have started...

    dont look back

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    Or do a martial art that is your career such as credit card forgery

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