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Thread: Eagle Claw vs. Tiger Claw

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    Eagle Claw vs. Tiger Claw

    I was just wondering if anyone really knows the difference between the Tiger Claw and the Eagle Claw styles?

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    Lots of differences in terms of lineage and application but i would say, tiger claw has a slashing/tearing/ripping 'theme' running through it whilst Eagle claw has a locking/ joint manipulation 'theme'.

    I am not overly familiar with either, so a detailed critique would have to come from another member

    I imagine that the 70's & early 80's Hong Kong Cinema made movies using one or perhaps both as a basis, they would be highly stylised but they would probably show the basic underlying themes quite well.

    Sorry i can't help more,


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    Thanks G.Jim. You know tonight is my first night at my new house. This is quite a big change for me, after two years of hospital living! Thanks anyhow. My old mate was a blackbelt first dan I think at eagle claw. But he died. I think he died of accidental gas poisoning, but it could have been suicide. I guess we'll never know. But I remember (and miss) him. Collin. (A black geeza I knew from hospital.) RIP.

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    There is a definite misunderstanding about what Tiger Claw is; Tiger Claw boxing Does Not use clawing motions for the sake of using the nails to inflict damage or pain. In Tiger Claw circles,'Scratching' would never be considered as an effective technique, or even an acceptable usage of what has been developed as a sophisticated method of Kung Fu combat.

    The emphasis in Tiger Claw is on the Pounding capabilities of the open palm, while the outstretched fingers are used to attack pressure points, and sieze muscles (you've Gotta FEEL it to Believe it!).
    Eagle Claw by contrast for the sake of discusssing differences is Strictly for grasping and to some degree 'tearing' muscles in the same way that Tiger Claw does, but there isn't as much of an an emphasis on developing or utilizing striking capabilities in the way that Tiger Claw does.
    Where they differ is in what they do with their grasps. Both Tiger & Eagle Claw are systems of combat that use grasping in order to manipulate the joints and limbs of the opponent. Tiger Claw uses grasping to control & imobilize the limbs in order to deliver crushing blows to other parts of the body to end the conflict. Eagle Claw uses the grasp/tear in conjunction with emphasis on continued manipulation and destruction of the joints as the end result.

    This is by No Means meant to be a definative explanation of these two hugely expansive Kung Fu systems, but instead as I've said is presented purely for the purposes of emphasizing whatever differences may exist outside of the choreography of the styles' curricula.

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