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Thread: What is Hapkido?

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    What is Hapkido?

    I'm a whitebelt in Tang Soo Do, but i also think hapkido is a really interesting martial art. Could some of you blackbelts out there in interenet land do us newbies a favor and explain exactly what hapkido is all about?

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    Hapkido, is a well rounded Korean martial Art and is used as self defense and is used by the Korean Army's North and South and by The American Military. Probably and arguably the Best Korean Style. Type in a search under UTube excellent Demos provided. Entails Sweeps, Throws, Rolls, Locks, etc.

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    If you study Hapkido, seek instruction from Master Han's lineage.

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    Hapkido is an offshoot of Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu and, therefore, is a cousin of Aikido with many of the exact same techniques.

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    Hi, Kick:
    As much as I don't like to describe one MA in terms of another MA, sometimes its easy to say that Hapkido is essentially
    a Korean form of Jiu-jutsu, as it were. Its absolutely correct to say that the Hapkido arts all trace their wat back to CHOI Yong sul, one way or another.
    Its also correct to say that thewre is some relationship between what Choi learned in Japan and TAKEDA Sokaku and his Daito-Ryu Aiki-jujutsu.
    Where things break down is knowing exactly what that relationship was. We DO know that Choi called what he did "yawara"
    which is a bit like a KMA person saying that he practices "Ho Shin Sul" (aka: "practical combat or self-defense"). But after Choi came back
    to Korea so many of his students broke off and put their own spin on it that things get real confusing, real fast. Some of us old-timers tend
    to stick with what we were taught. Some of the folks have headed off in new directions. What has resulted is a pretty broad range of
    definitions, approaches and contents. Is any of this helping so far?

    Best Wishes,


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    A local place by me has Hapkido instruction which appears to be affiliated with the World Hapkido Association.

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