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Thread: Help - what type of gun and holster for Executive Security

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    Help - what type of gun and holster for Executive Security

    I am gathering serious opinions on what type of handgun and holster should I utilize for high end executive security.
    Here is my list of characteristics:
    Left handed
    Left arm-elbow damaged can reach across chest and back limited strength
    6ft 225 pounds
    Blade expert gun novice with great resources
    Considering the following:
    9mm Glock
    S&W Revolver 357 magnum
    Springfield X
    Shoulder holster single vs double carry with magazine holders
    Your thoughts-?
    Thank you.

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    I think you should take a look at the new G37 Gen 4. The reversible magazine catch and customizable grip will accommodate your south paw, the low recoil and light weight will help with your limited strength all the while providing ample stopping power and dead accurate aim- really only need 1.

    Best of luck

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