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Thread: To the hit dog who is howling

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    I used gutter speak one time in all of my postings, but you continuously aim to insult and you are continuously refusing to prove your military service, so for all I know you could be another fraud. You are not in a place to know what and if I have any problems in my life. I am sure you have plenty of your own, and you would be wise to attend to them before trying to put others problems in the limelight. You have not given any valid reasons for disproving my "assumptions and imagery" and my martial practice. Enjoy your typing practice, fish...

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    thing is, i really dont care what you, whoever you are, think of me..
    these responses, in this chain of responses from your original statements about me and my motives
    [ie, false assumptions] beginning with the original question ['taonamics'] are just responses..

    this can go nowhere, based as it is on false assumptions and wrong premise' generated from them..
    otherwise its just a meaningless game.. this is observation of concepts within text generated
    by you.. there is no need to formulate any method here, as it doesnt change, thus comments
    on it are all that is possible.. comments on textual content are not "aim to insult you"..

    the point, on gutter speak related to your complaint about referring to you as prawn, prawn..
    the point if it needs be spelt out again, was that i could also use your terminology [".... you pussy"]
    which is an allusion to me being an intimate part of a womans genitalia, and you "" that..
    i leave it to you and others to determine which is more offensive insult, 'prawn' or '.... pussy'..
    thats that point.. any reasonable person could easily see and understand it..

    from almost the start, you have denounced my war service, making false assumptions, generating imagery
    which exists only in your mind, and going on about it as if it has something to do with the original
    question, or is somehow open to your investigation and business, which prawn, as ive stated,
    it is not..
    i dont need to "prove military service" to you[!] whatever you assume is irrelevant to me
    and irrelevant to the world of reality in which real things and actual events exist..
    as to any 'problems' you may have, thats also irrelevant to me..
    but as response, and comment, you are the one going on and on about, my, military service..
    work it out.. why would someone totally unknown to me, be goinig on and on about my service
    in an internet forum based on a question of a name, nothing to do with military assumptions..

    theres no need to 'disprove' your assumptions and imagery'..
    anyone reading this needs only the ability to read and understand basic meanings..
    theres no need for any special ability to discern what is and what is not..

    "and my martial practice" - there is also no need [who cares] tio "disprove" your "martial practice"..
    i have no idea what you can or cant do in terms of martial arts.. you havnt said anything about
    what you can or cant do or anything about techniques you practice or methods of martial training
    aside from vague allusions to 'fighting malignant forces' and 'sexual martial arts' etc..

    ive heard similar sorts of rhetoric before.. doesnt interest me as it could mean anything..

    if you want to start a thread on 'fightiong malignant forces' or 'sexual martial arts'
    or any other martial arts skills you think you have, then fill your boots..
    no doubt other genuine martial artists and others will enjoy that
    and respond appropriately..

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    Hi Ginebra, are you still here? The first question I have to ask you is have you played call of duty:modern warfare 1. I assume when you were talking about special ops missions you were refering to this game? I too have clocked it (on easy at least), and I have to agree it IS a good game! Next if you really were in the army, which i'm not saying that you weren't for a minute, then how many people have you killed? Please don't take this the wrong way, understand it is a question i often as of army heads to test their validity that's all. OK that's it for now, take care John.

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    Boys, why don't you take it outside and settle it like men.
    Ain't nothing sweeter than driving your fist through a d-bag's face.

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    Because it's disgusting

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    dont be too disgusted..
    just a blow in 18mths ago posting
    the same ego based rhetoric 1min apart
    in various threads..

    like a kid jumping up and down
    screaming out 'look at me! look at me!''

    genuine martial artists or combat specialists
    respond calmly and efficiently to threats etc,
    based on inner calm and confidence..

    certainly not the ego based opposite..

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    I agree with shisoshin.

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