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Thread: Can we start a Hapkido Thread under Martial Arts?

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    Can we start a Hapkido Thread under Martial Arts?

    I've noticed that there isn't a Hapkido thread under Martial Arts. Can we please start one, I know there might be a few people interested.

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    I agree

    Hey, I agree. I also noticed that we don't have a filipino martial arts category.

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    no doubt site owners and admin will consider your suggestion..
    however, categories of martial arts etc are only an access tool
    for convenience etc.. dont let that stop you from posting[!]

    forum 'other' is an active forum which anyone can post in..
    you can start a new thread in other, on hapkido or filipino art
    which any member can use for any valid topic or question etc..

    korean ma labelled 'taekwondo' has included other korean arts..
    jiujutsu includes brazillian jujutsu, altho bjj is fiercely independent..
    karate forum includes posts from the range of ryu of widely different
    aims and objectives, from okinawa karate to americal sport..

    all rational suggestions are welcome here however,
    as is any genuine input on any martial or related subjects

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    administrator axbxixr has agreed to your suggestions for new forums 'hapkido' and 'filipino martial arts'..
    no doubt other formalities wont take long and these new forums will be available for members use..

    then it will be over to members such as you to create positive and interesting forums of them..
    i personally look forward to members contributions esp in the wide world of fma..

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