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Thread: Perfect weapon

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    one of the advantages of the tool-weapon is that the user has countless
    repetitions of its manipulation thru ongoing daily use of the tool..
    think of taking on a slaughterhouse boner with his knife..
    he could have your arm off at the elbow in seconds..

    traditional tool weapons such as tonfa had the additional advantage
    of the user carrying them around with them at all times as part
    of their trade.. here you might have a problem with the spade,
    given that people dont typically carry them around with them
    outside of work,, into a bar,, socializing and so on..

    but the idea is sound..
    you might consider other tool weapons
    which would transfer skills from the spade,
    such as bo.. a length of dowel to about your
    own head height or so, usually tapered each end,
    which is swung, pivotted, used to lift, even
    throw sand into opponents eyes, like your spade..

    using tonfa for eg, strengthens wrists making them
    more supple, plus gives gripping power to fists,
    thus its transfer into traditional karate waza
    as the uraken or 'back fist' strike..
    so without actually transferring the skill directly,
    your strength and so on gained with spade use
    will without doubt add to your abilities..

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    The perfect knife is the one you have

    I was for over 20 years a full time professional custom knife maker and engraver - I did design for large and small companies, special undercover people and was involved with a project for "people that don't exist" - I just wanted to mention EVERY one who wanted a knife for self-defense and offense had totally different ideas and designs - Not knowing almost nothing about MA training I do know that the results of a knife for any purpose mainly depends on the user - Maybe my comment may not mean much but I'll be glad to answer reasonable questions to the best of my ability about knives or other cutlery - My pieces are in collections in 4 continents and more than a few foreign countries - I once asked a writer for knife magazines and supposedly a combat expert and he mentioned he would take a stick/club/chair over any kind of knife to defend himself - OIM

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    Perfect weapon sorry jump in but you all good point my Perfect weapon would be undetectable knife yes some of them don't have much edge may point is to stab they do make suramic krambit knife that both cut and stab just like your post good one

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    Can you chase off a bunch of street punks with just a belt? What about a cane? Guess what - I found a way to combine them into a baton-cane! Come to check it out on my site!

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    Very interesting idea! Where can I get one of these canes?

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    I think it's a great idea.

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