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Thread: Karate Kid Re-make

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    Karate Kid Re-make

    Anyone have any thoughts on the Karate Kid movie coming out? I think they should let a good thing be, but maybe Hollywood has run out of ideas . I know I will eventually see it, it's just a matter of when.

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    I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, its nice to see something i remember from my childhood experience a rebirth in popularity. On the other, of course I will always be partial to the original.

    I think we just happen to be going through a remake fad and an 80s fad at the same time. This seems to happen from time to time in Hollywood. Just like there are vampire fads, disaster movie fads, japanese horror movie fads, etc. In a way, I am happy to see the 80s become acceptable again. I remember in the 90s, people wouldn't touch the 80s with a 10 foot pole (unless it was to make fun of the decade). Now we're giving the 90s the silent treatment.

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    well its most likely going to be bad! and not to mention its now the kung fu kid! Im tired of wushu being in so many movies!!!!!! complete crap. oh well. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamike121 View Post
    well its most likely going to be bad! and not to mention its now the kung fu kid! Im tired of wushu being in so many movies!!!!!! complete crap. oh well. lol
    So far it has been getting pretty good reviews. Roger Ebert gave it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars, and I usually find his reviews the most down to earth and reliable. I haven't seen it yet, but will keep an open mind when I do. The story itself is timeless, and it being kung fu, or any other style, doesn't change the basic coming of age themes. My guess is they didn't change the title mostly because they wanted to keep the name recognition of the series (some people might not have realized "the Kung Fu Kid" is actually a remake), but also because the basic story seems to be the same.

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    I still haven't seen it, but I will be sure to post my opinion about it when I do. lol!

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    I really didn't think the trailer looked that good, but I still may give it a shot.

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    First it should be titled the "Kung Fu Kid". It went downhill from there. I believe any non martial arts family will still find it somewhat entertaining. For what it is there was way to much filler and slow parts.

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    apparently its released in america and asia as 'karate kid' but in china, korea as 'kung fu kid' and in japan as 'best kid'..
    according to jackie chan 'everyone' calls it 'the kung fu kid' [film crew etc]..
    aust reviewer claims young cast is prepubescent, detracting from elements of storyline
    such as aggressive drive etc and proto romance with kiss between the children..

    what is this downward direction [age and behaviour esp hormonal] saying about todays children..

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    Have to say I was a little disappointed, way too much montage. Last 10 mins of the film was good.

    I can’t help feeling they should have done an entirely different film and not a remake.

    Always have a soft spot for any Chan film though!

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    Because its the same plot and Daniel-son was taught Kung Fu just a diffrent kind then what Will Smith's kid is learning
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