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Thread: Do people still belive in fair fights

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowkickr View Post
    No such thing as a fair fight. If you enter a fight with the mentality of fairness, enjoy your stay at the hospital or morgue.
    My thoughts exactly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richie3002 View Post
    Well that is your own oppinion and i belive that you can take the weapon away then deliver a shin kick to the thigh delivering a blow that will make them no longer a threat. ALSO i dont want to risk going to jail for manslaugter or murder
    I agree to some extent sir. Personally, I do everything not to get into any fights. I back away as soon as I feel any threat. they can label me a coward if they want to. In Kali, we are always taught to "finish the job". I don't really wanna go to jail. If I get into a fight, I'm afraid I'm gonna be arrested for use of excessive force. So I walk away. That is, as long as none of my loved ones are threatened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmamovement View Post
    My thoughts exactly.
    Thank you, it seems Kali practitioners think alike

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    this is one area of self defence and combat activities where blurring seems inevitable..
    obviously you dont want to take out innocent people by accident or overenthusiasm,
    and obviously you want to train for self development, welcoming all such benefits
    of serious training.. becoming confident and controlled is obviously 'good'..

    being mindfull of character development in students and yourself
    seems to be an element of virtually all serious combat training..
    when training is oriented toward sports events, or when practicing
    with friends etc, obviously you want it to be productive and friendly etc..
    in training you dont need to actually choke him out or break something
    which is why the tap exists in training and practice of serious waza..

    however, despite every factor of character development and ethics etc,
    as part of training, practice and contemplation of all these things,
    when a real attack happens, you must give yourself over to
    the reality itself, without any, thoughts whatsoever for
    'fairness' or ethics and so on.. you must rely totally on
    all of your preparations, training, practice and experience etc
    in an act of response to, what could be your last moments..

    that sounds dramatic, but how else can you put it..
    once the egg is cracked open, the shell doesnt matter..

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    There is no such thing as fair fights.. I think.
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    When you are in a fight, you can still have your rules and ethics, but you should remember that they will have none. And if on the occasion you are caught (attacked) unawares, unless you are prepared to up the ante and strike to injure an untrained opponent, you should prepare to get a beating. That is my experience of it anyways.

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