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Tags: fitness, push ups,

Fitness - 2007/01/12 22:30 Can any one advise me on how i can imporve my fitness. I find push-ups hard
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Re:Fitness - 2007/01/14 09:50 You should do it moderately than.
How old are you? You should check out with your doc all is fine (true even for young people).

As for the work itself, you can start with say 15, work and your stomach muscles and get back to another 15 pushups. Within 2-3 weeks you can move it to 20+.
Eventually you should get to 2-3 chunks of 40-50 pushups each.

And I'm sorry to say, but pushups by themselves are not enough...
Just as a refrence we're doing:
- 3 exercises for the legs
- 3 for the stomach (upper, lower and cross)
- 2 for the back
- 2 for the neck
- 1 for the ribcage
- pushups (regular and japanese)
Overall 30 minutes of nonstop work 4 times a week.

I think it's very important to work on the body, as we are wearing it off, and we must rebuild it.

Many of the injuries (all sports by the way) are happening due to weakness of a musle or strip.
The most dengerous sport is the one you're doing once a week...
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